Sunday, February 19, 2012

What A Mess...

I've been feeling kind of anxious lately as I walk around my home, gazing sleepily upon the clutter all over my floor, trying to figure out just how I'm going to tackle this daunting project. It probably doesn't help that Adrianne makes a habit of walking around as well, pointing at everything she sees saying, "Mess...mess!"

I think to myself, gosh I have a website all about nesting, my readers would be ashamed of me if they saw this place! But then I do realize...a good "nester" would have happy babies in her nest and it reminds me of this poster I saw on Pinterest a while ago:

And quite a few other words of inspiration. So I'm glad to say that I have remembered that a good nest isn't always about the appearance of the nest, it's about what comes out of the nest that matters most.

And I am pleased to show off that cute little babies with just-washed, fuzz ball heads come out of my nest, for one thing!


  1. Baby is sweeter than sweet:) My best friend has two happy girls and she is the living example for that poster. She just takes it easy! Thank you for your sweet comment on the umbrella gift box.

  2. Adrianne, you are exactly right about what's important. Perfection is not. Happy children who feel happy and well!!! I always said I was at my worst as a mother just after I finished house cleaning...trying to hold onto perfect order is not conducive to good parenting.


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