Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Family Pet...

Due to Michael's and my insatiable need for a pet mixed with our complete and utter inability to get an animal (because of space, time, resources) we decided to compromise yesterday with our leftover grocery money and get a new orchid plant!

I am so in love with it. Orchids are pretty much my favorite flower, and this one was in particularly good shape when we got it.

It's relatively high-maintenance (compared to a Peace Lily, anyway...) so that it can feel like a bigger responsibility than nothing. Yet it is as low-maintenance as it gets in comparison to a dog. So, I mean...it's kind of like a pet...right?

Do you have any pets? Or pet compromises?

Easy Sewing Project: Stuffed Mustache Monster

This year for Christmas I am determined to make as many nice gifts as possible, rather than just throwing gift cards at people. Here is one of my first unfortunate creations: a Stuffed Mustache Monster, for one special young man in my family.

This guy was super easy to make, I didn't even use a pattern. I just sort of winged it. A monster shouldn't be perfectly symmetrical anyways! Here's what I did:

First, I collected my fabric and cut out some crude monster looking shapes.

For the body, I just cut out some chunks of red fabric. Of course, you can use whatever colors you like! Cut out two, one for the front and one for the back.

For the face, I just snipped out some shapes that I knew I could piece together to make an eyeball with suspicious looking lids and a pretty groovy 'stache.

I folded some brown fleece in half and cut out that half-stache shape so that when I unfolded the fabric, I would have one big symmetrical mustache. So the fold would be the center of the mustache.

I just sewed them right on to the red fabric, using embroidery floss. It seems more fun and funky to use big stitches with embroidery floss, but like I said, you can do whatever you want!

I also shoved a teeny bit of stuffing into the mustache to make it pop out a little bit.

Finally! I sewed the two big red pieces together, outsides facing each other, leaving a hole at the bottom to stuff it. So when I turned it right side out, I filled him up and then stitched him together at the bottom (sloppily).

And voila! A fun and silly mustache monster. Hope this inspires you!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Early Mornings at the Computer

As much as I miss the days when I was a a teen always sleeping in til noon and then having nothing important to do when I finally did get up, I have to admit that there is something warm and fuzzy about waking at the crack of dawn to a silent home in the morning these days.

This morning I got up, had a cup of ridiculously delicious Godiva Chocolate coffee that the hubby bought without my knowing (glad now that he did), and sat down at the computer to get some email, blogging, and homework done. I must admit, I'm not quite as fond of the homework part as I could be, but being able to sit undisturbed for a little while is definitely nice.

I love that Adrianne is a girl who knows how to sleep in, usually til nine. Of course, this probably has some relation to her 10 PM bed time...

In other news, wedding plans are slowly starting to fall into place. I admit I'm a little behind, but come on, can you blame me? I'm a busy woman! Right now, I've just got to book a few more things, then I should be set to get some invitations all sent out.

Yesterday, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. So I plopped myself down on the couch and let myself drift off. It was really nice until a teeny tiny little baby finger found itself quite suddenly in my eye ball. Oh well, at least I feel better today!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

So many things to be thankful for this year! For starters, there is Adrianne. Beautiful, intelligent, sweet, angelic Adrianne. She is so literally perfect in every way. I know every parent says that about their child but...seriously. If I had an actual chance to change something about her, anything at all, I would be completely at a loss. There is nothing about Adrianne that I would change, ever.

Then there is Michael. My stubborn, handsome, can't-get-enough-of-his-company Michael. He taught me how to value myself as a person and transitioned my life into the perfect thing it is today. I can never seem to feel satisfied with the amount of time I can devote to being with him. But I love it.

I am thankful for my whole family, really. Especially my mother, who couldn't possibly be a better mama if she tried. She spoils me, even though I am grown and out of the nest, finally building a nest of my own. I am thankful for a huge family (that has doubled in size since Michael and I got together) that has been nothing but completely supportive of me as I have begun raising my family in a slightly less than traditional fashion. And I am thankful that my baby girl has two beautiful cousins that she already gets along with so well.

I am thankful for my home, even though I know it is temporary, this little apartment of ours. It is perfect for us for right now and we really got lucky when we found it. It was a steal, really. Not to mention our wonderful landlords. I hope they know how much we appreciate how hospitable they are.

I am thankful for two easy, enjoyable pregnancies and for the ability to bring my first baby quite naturally into the world. I can only hope my second baby arrives just as easily as the first.

Speaking of which, I am thankful for the gift of modern medicine, without which things could have gotten very ugly for me very soon after Adrianne was born.

I am thankful for the changing seasons. They keep me on my toes and remind me always that time is swiftly passing me by. They also help me to appreciate every little moment, every shift in temperatures, the colors, the smells.

Finally, since I am getting very sleepy as I sit here and type this, I am thankful for peaceful moments. Times when I can change into my "big" girl clothes in the comfort of my own home and sit on my couch, maybe put my feet up and just relax. Times when my darling girl can get practically nakie and run around with a cheese stick in her hand in her bathrobe, even though outside temperatures are freezing. Times when it just feels good to be alive and that we might just be existing in our own little bubble, where time is stopped and all is perfect, at least for a little while.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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In an effort to expand my horizons I have found this little site which keeps popping up every other which way I look. So if you enjoy the benefits of bloglovin' you can enjoy the benefits of the Better Nester on bloglovin'.

In other news~ I have finally figured out how to get my feed straightened out. So I finally have a working RSS link! Woo! You're welcome. ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Color-Me-In Pages

Just in time for the big feast! A few festive Thanksgiving pages to print out for your little ones, created by yours truly. Hand them these while you're trying to manage that turkey. It might just keep them busy for a little while for you! Enjoy!

Download Now!

((If that link does not open or is taking too long to load, you may also download the file here. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further problems!))

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Playing With Blocks

Blocks are such a simple toy. But doesn't it always seem like the simplest things are able to entertain your baby more than any number of flashy, noisy, blinky, battery-eating toys can anyway?

Stacking blocks is great for motor development. Your baby will slowly learn how to manipulate objects with his or her hands. Stacking blocks on top of one another will teach your baby how to be careful and deliberate.

But not only should you encourage your baby to stack the blocks on top of one another; you should show your baby how much fun it can be to knock down a tower, too! This will make it less discouraging for your baby if she is trying to build a tower, but it keeps falling over. She may even stack blocks more eagerly simply for the sake of being able to knock them down!

Try to see what else your toddler can come up with to do with the blocks. Adrianne loved taking a block in each hand and smacking them together to make a nice rhythm.

She also likes to dump out her box of blocks so that she can put them all back in the box. Don't discourage your baby from doing things like this, even if it just seems like making a mess to you. Your baby is learning and growing with every action. Let your baby experiment! After all, babies are the world's greatest scientists, always testing, observing, and discovering.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I know I haven't been updating as often as I should. Or maybe I have, maybe I am just an excessive blogger. Haha. But it's been a few days, so I feel like I've been slacking.

Anyways, we're still alive over here. Just distracted, busy, thinking about moving into a bigger house...perhaps with a backyard and a third baby. We're comfy where we are, but not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind an extra room for either the baby when he arrives or for a playroom to contain all the baby junk I don't really have space for! Haven't found the right place yet, but we're really not desperate. We are just looking around now, before impending labor becomes a factor.

Here are some cute pictures I've taken recently!

I know, it's probably creepy. But I am one of those overbearing mothers who likes to watch her baby while she sleeps. And occasionally take pictures. And then adjust blankets. And maybe fix her hair. Okay. Well, at least you got a cute picture out of it.

Also, Adrianne has taken to standing on her head lately. It's so funny! She will just stand like this for minutes on end, sometimes she'll even start playing with some little toy within her reach. So she'll just be standing there upside down in the most intense downward facing dog yoga stance I've ever seen, NO HANDS! She also gets a kick out of it when I come and play peekaboo with her behind her legs. She is such a goofball!

Furthermore, the little munchkin has taken quite the liking to her daddy these days. She is finally beginning to express affection and will even give hugs, kisses, and cuddles! We are overwhelmed with joy. Haha!

Adrianne never was one to care much for the gushy stuff. But she is finally starting to find the value in it. She particularly loves giving me kisses on the cheek, for whatever reason. Maybe my breath stinks.

It's funny though. I can unfortunately tell when she's just giving affection in the form of bribery. Little stinker.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fear Of Releasing On The Potty: The Bathtub Method

Well, now that I can pretty much say that Adrianne is "potty trained," I feel the need to make a post dedicated to the one and only struggle we ran into throughout the whole process. The reason is because of how extremely difficult it was for me to find any information on the subject whatsoever.

What I did find, however, was a whole lot of moms and dads pleading for help over the internet on the same issue. So I feel it's important to address, for the sake of all those parents out there who need some help.

"She knows when she has to go to the bathroom, but when she sits on the potty she grunts and strains trying to hold it in. She even runs around the house crying because she has to pee so bad but no matter what, she won't do it. Now she is just leaking everywhere because she is past her holding point, but she just can't release on the potty!"

Is that you up there?

That was me while I was potty training Adrianne. She was showing all the signs of readiness. And she was obviously physically ready because she could hold it in for hours! I was so scared and exhausted from chasing her around, trying to get her to pee, that eventually I did the ultimate no-no: I put a diaper on her. That's when I knew I was in trouble, though, because she still would not go pee. She wanted to give up diapers like a big girl, I guess. But it only made me feel even more lost and confused.

Let me tell you, it's not easy watching your baby suffer like that without having a clue what to do. I know what that's like. But I also know that giving up and switching back to diapers is not necessary. At least not until you try this. Backing off of potty training when your toddler is showing the signs of readiness will only send mixed signals and make potty training more difficult when you return to it later on.

Instead, try the bathtub method. This is the solution I came up with in my desperation, and I read afterwards somewhere of a few other people using this method. It worked like a charm for us, when nothing else did. Here is what you do:

Put your baby's potty chair inside the bathtub and run the warm water. Sit your baby on the potty and use a cup to pour the water on your baby's feet and ankles. The sound of the water and the feeling of it will help to force your baby to relax and pee on the potty chair.

With Adrianne, the first time we did this, she strained and whined for a good two minutes even with the water on her feet before she finally couldn't hold it any longer. I could tell immediately that she had gone because her legs went from rigid, trembling boards to soft and relaxed, just like that.

After the first time, the time it took for her to relax after the water hit her toes went down to nothing by the end of the next day.

However, for a week or so, Adrianne would still insist on being in the bathtub to go potty. If your baby does this as well, don't worry. Let her take her time. Eventually, you will be able to slowly ween your baby out of the bathtub. Start by placing the potty chair next to the tub while running the water. Adrianne was completely able to pee without running water and without being in the bathtub within a week or two of starting potty training altogether. This method was a miracle for us.

If you don't have a bathtub that you can put the potty chair in, perhaps you can try CAREFULLY putting the potty chair on the counter next to the sink and doing the same thing. Just make sure you hold on to both the potty and your baby and make sure there are no falling accidents. Or you can try maybe using a large bowl full of warm water in front of the potty chair on the floor and use a cup to pour the water on your baby's feet and make the pouring water sound.

Good luck and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will do my best to help you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pregnancy: Month 3

Your body: You will probably begin to notice your belly getting bigger now. Your clothes may feel a little snug, or you may even be able to feel a slight bump in your lower abdomen. Try to keep in mind though, that you should not be gaining too much weight. Even though you may be eating for two, number two only needs a couple hundred extra calories. If you find you've accidentally gained a little more than a few pounds by this point, don't panic. Just try to eat a little more consciously.

It's also possible that you've lost weight. This is not a big deal unless your doctor brings up a concern. Most likely, if you have been trying to eat healthier for the sake of the baby, this could be the cause of your weight loss.You'll want to make sure you get enough calories though to gain enough weight by the end of your pregnancy.

Your baby: Teeny little baby organs are still working hard at developing. Not only that, but baby teeth and fingernails are also starting to grow! The digestive system is really taking shape this month. Your baby's intestines should be moving into place and stomach juices will be forming.

Baby is just about 3 inches in length by the end of this month!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My New Coat

I am totally in love with this new maternity coat I got for my birthday! Generous gift courtesy of my doting mother. =)

From Target, of course! Oh, the boots are also from my mom. Aren't they cute?

I also got an awesome maternity top from my mother-in-law-to-be from H&M, one of my favorite stores! She also got me a really nice scarf and pair of maternity jeans~

Other than that, I got several generous birthday donations. I went on a mini-shopping spree the other day and got myself some comfy new pants that will hopefully fit me both before and after pregnancy.

Boo-boos and Cool Glasses

The other day Adrianne noticed a teeny tiny little bruise on her leg. She poked it a few times and was so weirded out by it that she almost upset herself. I told her I'd give it a kiss to make it feel better and of course she liked that very much.

Well, now every time she sees her boo-boo or hears the word bruise or boo-boo, she has to come up to me and lift her leg up to my face so I can kiss it better.

In other news, Adrianne has also begun to develop a little bit of vanity. She has discovered the magic of mirrors, not to mention her beautiful face.

Sometimes she will drag me into her bedroom and ask for a hair clip for her hair. So I put one in for her and tell her how beautiful she looks. Then she has to run out and stand in front of Daddy until he compliments her. THEN she comes back to me and asks to be taken to each and every single mirror in the house several times each so she can admire herself.

Last night, she discovered how totally cool she looks with her sunglasses on. We had to run around the house from mirror to mirror for an hour or so!

She also found it hilarious that she could play peek a boo with herself in the mirror by pulling her glasses on and off! It was hysterical.

Sometimes, she really is just too adorable.

Speaking of adorable, another thing I want to remember is how last night a couple hours after she went to bed, she woke up and told me she had to pee. So I carried her into the bathroom while she sleepily laid her head on my shoulder. I put her on the potty chair and guess what! She fell asleep sitting there!! First, she wobbled around a little. Then she just nodded off and I practically had to catch her! She was so tired, it was so sad but so, so, so cute!

Well, anyways...You know me. I just can't go for very long without ranting and raving about my daughter. =)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Of Birthdays and Weddings

I've been busy the past few days with birthday celebrations and surprises and the impending doom of my wedding planner checklist.

My birthday was actually yesterday, but I mostly celebrated it over the weekend. First, my lovely hubby-to-be, angel that he is, surprised me by giving me a nice day at the spa! It was the first I'd ever been to the spa. In fact, it was the first I'd ever even gotten a manicure or pedicure. Actually, all of it was a first for me! Haha...

Then he took me out for a nice lunch/dinner. I think it was the longest we'd ever been alone together since Adrianne was born. As much as I missed her like crazy, it was nice. It was liberating and so rejuvenating. I felt like I'd earned it too!

The next day, we had a nice, small, birthday get together for me with his family. I got to feel even more special! Michael's mother, the gourmet chef that she is, made me my favorite meal (fettuccine alfredo) and my favorite dessert (chocolate/coffee ice cream cake)! I got some beautiful cards and some very pretty maternity clothes as well.

Now, with the birthday festivities falling away, I come to realize that my wedding planner has been filling up with more and more "overdue" items on my checklist. Doom. So today, I've been cracking down on that. Hopefully I can manage to get everything all sorted out by the time June 1st rolls around without losing my sanity in the process.

With a potty training toddler to chase around daily, a self-mess-ifying apartment to constantly tidy, and piles of schoolwork to keep up with...Well, let's just say I'm doing my best to stay optimistic! I think blogging is the only thing helping me to wind down and keep my head on my shoulders anymore. But I know the more I do, the more I grow.

So, I apologize for this rather bland post. I haven't even had to time to take any pictures the past few days! But things will smooth themselves out soon enough.

Oh, and by the way...In case anyone is randomly interested, I have a "wedding website" created through the site I'm using as a wedding planner (WeddingWire). It's really just for our guests, but it's pretty neat looking. If you wanna take a peak, you can get to it here.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Custom Domain!

We've upgraded over here! Got a new web address! We are officially just www.thebetternester.com! Yay~

How To Make A Notebook Organizer

((Download this tutorial in PDF format here.))

This cute book holder/notebook oragnizer/magazine container is easy to make and couldn't be cheaper. It's made of a cereal box! I've seen things similar to this in a few different places so I decided I would try making one on my own and sharing with you how I did it.


  • Cereal Box (Cheerios works perfectly because the box is huge)
  • Scissors
  • Marker/Pen
  • Glue
  • Scrapbooking Paper


Use a straight edge to draw an outline of the shape you want on the box.


Use your scissors and cut along the lines you made to get your organizer box's shape.

This should be the result.


Use the box as a rough template and cut out a strip of scrapbooking paper for the long side of the cereal box. Make it a little bigger on each side than the actual widths of the box so you will be able to fold it over the edges later on.


Apply glue to the long side of the box.


Glue the strip of paper to the box. If you would like, use an old credit card or even the blunt side of your scissors to flatten the paper down. Also, cover the other side as well.


Cut out the corners of the paper so that you will be able to fold the flaps down.


Glue the flaps down. For the top one, make sure it is folded tight against the top edge of the cereal box.


Glue down the side flaps as well. For this, I found it especially helpful to flatten and crease the paper using my scissors.


Cover the bottom side of the box as well, if desired. For the bottom, do not make flaps for the short sides of the box or else you will have unsightly, gluey flaps showing on the sides when you are finished.

When you are finished covering the sides, your box should look something like this.


Use your box as a template. Trace the large, flat sides of your box with the wrong side of your paper facing up. When you're done, cut it out.


Glue along the outer edges of the box. You can glue the whole surface if you want, but if you are using liquid glue, like I am, you may find that the glue makes the paper lumpy underneath.


Apply the paper and smooth it out. Again, you can use your card or your scissors to help flatten the paper where the glue was.

Do both sides and you're all done! Good job!


Embellish with whatever you want: ribbons, buttons, paint, labels. You name it! This is your custom organizer, so make it yours.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Quick Photo Brightening

This is a simple Photoshop tutorial on my favorite way of brightening up a photo really quickly. It's super easy, so even if you're a total novice, you can do it! Here we go!


 Open up your photo in Photoshop.


Go ahead and make a layer copy of your photo by either right-clicking it and selecting "Duplicate Layer..." or by dragging the layer over to the little layer icon down below the layers palette.


Click the layer type menu just above your layers list and set the duplicate layer to "Screen."


Click on the "Layer" drop-down menu at the top of the program and select "Merge Visible" or press Ctrl + Shift + E to merge your photo back down to a single layer.


And you're all done!! This is a great way to brighten up a photo if it's already in pretty good condition, color wise. 


Depending on your photo, you may want to repeat this process a couple of times to make it even brighter. 

If you make a layer copy and screen it and it appears way too bright, simply reduce the opacity of the layer until you hit the desired brightness.

Adrianne's First Sentance!

Last night before bath time, Adrianne sat down on the potty and went to the bathroom. She wasn't in the bath tub this time, so it was kind of a big deal.

When she got up and saw that she had successsfully gone on the potty, she jumped for joy and shouted "I DID IT!"

Her daddy and I were so surprised that she had said that since she hasn't really said much of anything at all other than "mama" and "dada." We weren't sure if she was really saying it or if it was just a coincidental moment of baby babble.

Then she was so pleased that she sat on the potty and did it about ten more times. (I have no idea where she got all the pee from...)

Each time she shouted "I did it!" Although, her words got progressively more and more slurred and hard to distinguish. But still...SHE DID IT! She spoke!

Other words she has been saying are "shoes" which sounds a bit like "joooz," "cheese" which sounds like "sheeeze," "beep" which sounds like "bop," and "boo" which sounds like "bah." So she may not be a master yet, but she is making progress!

Yet again, I am mostly documenting this for my own future self, who is sure to forget most of what happens throughout the next few years by the time I actually want to look back and reminisce.

Home Organization Tip: Jewelry Art Board

Add a little decorative kick to your home while also doing away with that tangled mess of jewelry you have lying around. Take an ordinary cork board and hang your bracelets and necklaces off of it in a pleasing arrangement. Not only is it functional, but it's also beautiful!

For a little extra flair, try painting the cork, adding a pretty fabric over top of the cork, or slapping a nice wall decal onto the cork board.

Pregnancy: Month 2

Your body: Bloating will most likely continue if you have been experiencing it. This may lead to constipation and *shudder* gassiness.

You will also most likely begin to experience "morning sickness" if you are going to at all. Morning sickness can happen at any time, not just in the morning. Try to eat small meals frequently throughout the day and light snacks in between to help with the nausea. Avoid foods that seem to make you queasy often like the plague and steer clear of bad smells, which can make your nausea worse. Ginger is a common stomach soother that may help you when you're feeling queasy. Also, having a small, light, carb-y snack just before you go to bed may help to keep your morning sickness at bay so you can get a good sleep.

You may also start to feel the effect of those wacky pregnancy cravings everyone keeps talking about. On the other hand, you may feel pretty strongly against having certain other foods. It's fine to listen to your cravings and anti-cravings, just so long as you don't start craving anything weird like dirt (I'm serious!). If you do, tell your doctor right away.

Your baby: Your baby is still growing like crazy in there! By the end of the month, he or she will be transformed from a tiny ball of cells to a tadpole-like little embryo with the beginnings of a face, a heart and circulatory system, limbs, and other important vital organs. Much of your baby's growth will occur in the brain.

Also, by the end of the month, your baby will start to make jerking movements! Of course, you won't be able to feel them for quite a while. But it's still cute to imagine!

Go To Month 3 ->

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Little Things...

I love all the little things I found around the house that Adrianne does when for a split second I am not looking. I'd like to name off a few of them just so I don't forget them.

  • The little statue of Buddha that we have sitting next to our TV on the entertainment stand is often times left facing the TV rather than sitting next to it.
  • After I clean an entire room and put Adrianne down to sleep I find a stack of a few blocks sitting in the middle of the room.
  • I walk into the room with a table much taller than Adrianne to find a row of stacking cups lined up and teetering on the edge of the table.
  • I go into the bathroom and find Adrianne's baby doll sitting on her potty chair.

These are just a few of the things she does. I love how it's always the little things that never cease to amaze me. How she has been jabbering for days in a language no one else knows but her and suddenly goes potty and exclaims "I did it!" in a baby-ish tone. How she asks me to put a hair clip in her hair so she can she how beautiful she looks in the mirror and then show her daddy. How she can lay down on her belly and "write" on a piece of paper for an hour, mumbling away as she does so. How she will hold a phone to her ear and have an imaginary conversation with someone in baby language.

She is the most brilliant creature I have ever met. I love her!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pregnancy: Month 1

Note: I'm going to start a series of posts dedicated to providing informative tidbits about pregnancy in a month-by-month fashion. If you are pregnant, I hope you can enjoy! By the way, the drawings are by me, so please be nice and don't steal them. I trust you.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Here is a brief explanation of what you may be feeling and how your baby is developing.

Your body: As your fertilized egg implants itself, you may experience implantation spotting somewhere around a week after conception. You may also begin to notice some bloating and more frequent urination.

More than likely, though, you won't be feeling too much just yet. Well, you know, other than anxiousness as you wait until you may be able to take that pregnancy test. Nope, right now, it's just the waiting game!

One of the biggest obstacles I encountered with my pregnancy was terrible fatigue. This is extremely common, and it makes sense too. Think about it. Your body is building another human being! That takes a lot of energy!

If the fatigue hits you early on, here are a few things you can try to do to help:

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water. This always helped to perk me up, way better than coffee ever could (which you should be avoiding now that you're pregnant). Dehydration can cause fatigue and it can also cause premature labor. So keep this in mind throughout your entire pregnancy. Drink water!
  • Get some light exercise regularly. You may not guess it, but a little bit of physical activity can actually energize you. Go for a brisk walk or pick up a prenatal workout routine.
  • Get the best sleep you can. You really want to make up for the sleep you'll be missing out on in nine months. So turn in earlier if you need to, but make sure you're getting your full night's sleep.
  • Go easy on yourself. Of all times, this is the best time to give yourself a break. You deserve it! So don't overdo it.

Your baby: At this point, you've just conceived and your baby will transform from fertilized egg to blastocyst (bundle of cells that will travel down your fallopian tubes) to embryo (the finally implanted bundle of cells that will soon be a bundle of joy in your arms). What a great start!

Once this happens, your little bundle of cells will divide into a baby half and a placenta half, which is the part connected to you that will deliver your baby its nutrients through the umbilical cord.

Your little embryo is developing fast! So make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins already to support that healthy growth from the beginning.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home Organization Tip: Hideaway Drawer Storage

Wait! Halt! Stop right there! Don't throw away that old dresser!

Instead... reduce, reuse, recycle and get rid of that awful clutter in the meantime.

Dresser drawers make excellent storage components that slide neatly and nicely under so many convenient pieces of furniture in your home.

For example, I have a large drawer to hold all of Adrianne's baby blankets in a neat space under her crib.

When I'm all done getting out the blanket I need or putting away a few things from the laundry, it simply slides back under and the bed skirt hides it from view. That way Adrianne won't get into it and start throwing blankets all over the house.

See? Good as new!

The best part is, you can put whatever you want in the drawer and you aren't limited to just cribs and beds. If you can find a small enough drawer, you could probably even fit it under a couch or chair. Be imaginative and cater to your own organizational needs.

Typically, a drawer can slide easily enough along a carpet or rug, but if you have hard floors you want to use a drawer on, you probably don't want it scratching up the surface. No problem! Use some strips of carpet samples or an old doormat rug and attach them carpet side down to the underside of the drawer to help it slide. Another alternative is to get your hands on some simple wheels for the corners of the drawer. This will make the drawer a little taller though, so do whatever works best for your home!

Good luck!

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If you feel like following me then please feel free to do so! Or if you need an invite, then let me know!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Ode To Rufus

Okay, so maybe not an actual ode. (I was going to go all out and write a goofy old english style ode poem for Rufus but lost the ambition). But I would still like to dedicate this spot to him.

Rufus was born not long before Adrianne in a (somewhat) nearby Build-A-Bear Workshop. He was named after Penny's adorable teddy bear companion from the movie The Rescuers. Then he waited patiently for her arrival, much like she is doing now for her baby brother.

It was almost like love at first sight, if it weren't for the fact that newborns had poorly developed sight. But Rufus quickly became a much loved (and soon to be much needed) companion.

Before too long, they were inseparable. Piglet became the second best but undeniably desirable third wheel, kind of like Jacob to Edward.

Rufus (and Piglet) became mandatory tools for sleeping.

And he travels everywhere with us.

Oh, Rufus, you are part of our family now, officially. I just wanted to document your youthful beauty before you end up like my teddy from the day I was born: lumpy and hairless. I hope that one day we can all look back on these photos and laugh at how different you look in your old age! What a classic baby tag-along you are!
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