Thursday, May 24, 2012

Neutral wreath DIY

This wreath was so easy and simple to make, and it's completely neutral. So I think I am going to hang this anytime of the year that I don't have a holiday or theme to decorate for. Wreaths always make your home feel so welcoming!


Wrap your wreath form in burlap or your favorite fabric. Secure it with hot glue at each end of the strip of fabric.


Make lots of felt flowers or fabric flowers of any kind and with your fabric of choice. Also, cut out a few leaf shapes with pinking shears out of green fabric.


Hot glue the leaves onto the front of the wreath.


Then attach a focal point flower on top of the leaves.


Surround your focal point with smaller flowers and you're done! It's simple, elegant, and it's so inviting! Hang it on your front door and enjoy!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food, Fast! Round Up

I'm a mom with less than zero time on her hands. So you can bet I am always eager to hear about quick and easy low maintenance recipes that I can slap together in less than an hour's notice without breaking the bank.  I know, I've got great expectations.

After all my snooping around, I just had to share what I'd found. There is a huge wealth of recipe stockpiles out there containing JUST what I need! Since I've already done all the work of gathering them up for myself, I knew this was the perfect thing for my readers. I hope you're all in easy recipe heaven right now! The best part about these recipes is that they are all from healthy eating websites, so you can rest assured they're pretty darn good for you. Enjoy!

Cooking Light's huge directory of all of their different 5-Ingredient recipes
Cooking Light's huge directory of Superfast (20 minutes or less) recipes
Heart Healthy Living's list of 5-Ingredient recipes
Heart Healthy Living's list of recipes under $3
Eating Well's list of 5-Ingredient recipes
Eating Well's list of quick, cheap and easy recipes

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