Thursday, September 20, 2012

Acorn Season

Yesterday was the perfect day for an acorn hunt! With the Autumn Equinox approaching, the parks are just covered in these cute little guys. I could not resist packing up the family and rounding some up.

We brought along a little bucket to collect our acorns in. I showed Adrianne what the acorns looked like and told her to find as many as she could and put them in the bucket. She had a blast, and she wanted to find all of them all by herself. I'd have to say most of the acorns in the bucket were found by her! Whenever we found a broken one, I told her to leave it for the squirrels because they love to break open the acorns and eat the little seed inside.

Adrianne was fascinated by the idea of the squirrels eating the acorns. I stopped to show her some squirrels. We didn't have to look for long, they are pretty much everywhere. As soon as we spotted one, Adrianne of course immediately wanted to try and catch one. She was so determined! I have never seen her run so fast for so long! As we chased the squirrels, one of them started playing hide and seek with us. He would run around to the opposite side of a tree trunk, and then a second later he would peek out from the other side before running off to behind another nearby tree! She was laughing and screaming, "SQUIRREL, WHERE ARE YOU?" Eventually I stopped her and showed her where the squirrels went. I pointed up in a tree and told her that was where the squirrels lived, up in the trees. We watched for a minute and eventually we saw one peek out at us from above. She loved seeing the squirrel's home!

Rowan loved it outside too. Adrianne and I showed Rowan the trees. We let him feel the rough bark. Adrianne enjoyed feeling it too.

I am so grateful for beautiful fall days like these. There is something magical about the four seasons. It just keeps everything so interesting and makes you feel alive. And there is nothing like an adventure in nature when things are starting to switch up.

What is your favorite thing to do when the first days of fall start to creep up?

Better Nester Revamp!

I am adjusting my beloved blog to better fit my lifestyle! I've trimmed the site down to the bare minimums. No more sponsors, this is just for fun. I know I can't be devoting my every second to the Better Nester anymore, so the blog should reflect that. I want to keep it pure and simple.

I'll be making little changes here and there in a while again. The Pages links at the top of the page will need to go soon because I just can't keep up with making new buttons for all my tutorials and such. So That will have to become something different. I wanna make the links go to certain tags from the blog like I've seen on many other sites.

Anyways, don't mean to ramble. My point for this post was to say that the Better Nester is changing because so am I! But that doesn't mean it's going away! I am going to make a solid effort from now on to not neglect my little nest over here.

But! In the mean time, you can always follow my new blog, which stalks my life as an artist and student at Full Sail. Just remember, The Better Nester lives on! I will not abandon my project!

Much love!
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