Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pregnancy: Month 3

Your body: You will probably begin to notice your belly getting bigger now. Your clothes may feel a little snug, or you may even be able to feel a slight bump in your lower abdomen. Try to keep in mind though, that you should not be gaining too much weight. Even though you may be eating for two, number two only needs a couple hundred extra calories. If you find you've accidentally gained a little more than a few pounds by this point, don't panic. Just try to eat a little more consciously.

It's also possible that you've lost weight. This is not a big deal unless your doctor brings up a concern. Most likely, if you have been trying to eat healthier for the sake of the baby, this could be the cause of your weight loss.You'll want to make sure you get enough calories though to gain enough weight by the end of your pregnancy.

Your baby: Teeny little baby organs are still working hard at developing. Not only that, but baby teeth and fingernails are also starting to grow! The digestive system is really taking shape this month. Your baby's intestines should be moving into place and stomach juices will be forming.

Baby is just about 3 inches in length by the end of this month!

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