Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home Organization Tip: Hideaway Drawer Storage

Wait! Halt! Stop right there! Don't throw away that old dresser!

Instead... reduce, reuse, recycle and get rid of that awful clutter in the meantime.

Dresser drawers make excellent storage components that slide neatly and nicely under so many convenient pieces of furniture in your home.

For example, I have a large drawer to hold all of Adrianne's baby blankets in a neat space under her crib.

When I'm all done getting out the blanket I need or putting away a few things from the laundry, it simply slides back under and the bed skirt hides it from view. That way Adrianne won't get into it and start throwing blankets all over the house.

See? Good as new!

The best part is, you can put whatever you want in the drawer and you aren't limited to just cribs and beds. If you can find a small enough drawer, you could probably even fit it under a couch or chair. Be imaginative and cater to your own organizational needs.

Typically, a drawer can slide easily enough along a carpet or rug, but if you have hard floors you want to use a drawer on, you probably don't want it scratching up the surface. No problem! Use some strips of carpet samples or an old doormat rug and attach them carpet side down to the underside of the drawer to help it slide. Another alternative is to get your hands on some simple wheels for the corners of the drawer. This will make the drawer a little taller though, so do whatever works best for your home!

Good luck!

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