Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Ode To Rufus

Okay, so maybe not an actual ode. (I was going to go all out and write a goofy old english style ode poem for Rufus but lost the ambition). But I would still like to dedicate this spot to him.

Rufus was born not long before Adrianne in a (somewhat) nearby Build-A-Bear Workshop. He was named after Penny's adorable teddy bear companion from the movie The Rescuers. Then he waited patiently for her arrival, much like she is doing now for her baby brother.

It was almost like love at first sight, if it weren't for the fact that newborns had poorly developed sight. But Rufus quickly became a much loved (and soon to be much needed) companion.

Before too long, they were inseparable. Piglet became the second best but undeniably desirable third wheel, kind of like Jacob to Edward.

Rufus (and Piglet) became mandatory tools for sleeping.

And he travels everywhere with us.

Oh, Rufus, you are part of our family now, officially. I just wanted to document your youthful beauty before you end up like my teddy from the day I was born: lumpy and hairless. I hope that one day we can all look back on these photos and laugh at how different you look in your old age! What a classic baby tag-along you are!

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