Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boo-boos and Cool Glasses

The other day Adrianne noticed a teeny tiny little bruise on her leg. She poked it a few times and was so weirded out by it that she almost upset herself. I told her I'd give it a kiss to make it feel better and of course she liked that very much.

Well, now every time she sees her boo-boo or hears the word bruise or boo-boo, she has to come up to me and lift her leg up to my face so I can kiss it better.

In other news, Adrianne has also begun to develop a little bit of vanity. She has discovered the magic of mirrors, not to mention her beautiful face.

Sometimes she will drag me into her bedroom and ask for a hair clip for her hair. So I put one in for her and tell her how beautiful she looks. Then she has to run out and stand in front of Daddy until he compliments her. THEN she comes back to me and asks to be taken to each and every single mirror in the house several times each so she can admire herself.

Last night, she discovered how totally cool she looks with her sunglasses on. We had to run around the house from mirror to mirror for an hour or so!

She also found it hilarious that she could play peek a boo with herself in the mirror by pulling her glasses on and off! It was hysterical.

Sometimes, she really is just too adorable.

Speaking of adorable, another thing I want to remember is how last night a couple hours after she went to bed, she woke up and told me she had to pee. So I carried her into the bathroom while she sleepily laid her head on my shoulder. I put her on the potty chair and guess what! She fell asleep sitting there!! First, she wobbled around a little. Then she just nodded off and I practically had to catch her! She was so tired, it was so sad but so, so, so cute!

Well, anyways...You know me. I just can't go for very long without ranting and raving about my daughter. =)

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