Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adrianne's First Sentance!

Last night before bath time, Adrianne sat down on the potty and went to the bathroom. She wasn't in the bath tub this time, so it was kind of a big deal.

When she got up and saw that she had successsfully gone on the potty, she jumped for joy and shouted "I DID IT!"

Her daddy and I were so surprised that she had said that since she hasn't really said much of anything at all other than "mama" and "dada." We weren't sure if she was really saying it or if it was just a coincidental moment of baby babble.

Then she was so pleased that she sat on the potty and did it about ten more times. (I have no idea where she got all the pee from...)

Each time she shouted "I did it!" Although, her words got progressively more and more slurred and hard to distinguish. But still...SHE DID IT! She spoke!

Other words she has been saying are "shoes" which sounds a bit like "joooz," "cheese" which sounds like "sheeeze," "beep" which sounds like "bop," and "boo" which sounds like "bah." So she may not be a master yet, but she is making progress!

Yet again, I am mostly documenting this for my own future self, who is sure to forget most of what happens throughout the next few years by the time I actually want to look back and reminisce.

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