Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pregnancy: Month 2

Your body: Bloating will most likely continue if you have been experiencing it. This may lead to constipation and *shudder* gassiness.

You will also most likely begin to experience "morning sickness" if you are going to at all. Morning sickness can happen at any time, not just in the morning. Try to eat small meals frequently throughout the day and light snacks in between to help with the nausea. Avoid foods that seem to make you queasy often like the plague and steer clear of bad smells, which can make your nausea worse. Ginger is a common stomach soother that may help you when you're feeling queasy. Also, having a small, light, carb-y snack just before you go to bed may help to keep your morning sickness at bay so you can get a good sleep.

You may also start to feel the effect of those wacky pregnancy cravings everyone keeps talking about. On the other hand, you may feel pretty strongly against having certain other foods. It's fine to listen to your cravings and anti-cravings, just so long as you don't start craving anything weird like dirt (I'm serious!). If you do, tell your doctor right away.

Your baby: Your baby is still growing like crazy in there! By the end of the month, he or she will be transformed from a tiny ball of cells to a tadpole-like little embryo with the beginnings of a face, a heart and circulatory system, limbs, and other important vital organs. Much of your baby's growth will occur in the brain.

Also, by the end of the month, your baby will start to make jerking movements! Of course, you won't be able to feel them for quite a while. But it's still cute to imagine!

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