Saturday, November 19, 2011


I know I haven't been updating as often as I should. Or maybe I have, maybe I am just an excessive blogger. Haha. But it's been a few days, so I feel like I've been slacking.

Anyways, we're still alive over here. Just distracted, busy, thinking about moving into a bigger house...perhaps with a backyard and a third baby. We're comfy where we are, but not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind an extra room for either the baby when he arrives or for a playroom to contain all the baby junk I don't really have space for! Haven't found the right place yet, but we're really not desperate. We are just looking around now, before impending labor becomes a factor.

Here are some cute pictures I've taken recently!

I know, it's probably creepy. But I am one of those overbearing mothers who likes to watch her baby while she sleeps. And occasionally take pictures. And then adjust blankets. And maybe fix her hair. Okay. Well, at least you got a cute picture out of it.

Also, Adrianne has taken to standing on her head lately. It's so funny! She will just stand like this for minutes on end, sometimes she'll even start playing with some little toy within her reach. So she'll just be standing there upside down in the most intense downward facing dog yoga stance I've ever seen, NO HANDS! She also gets a kick out of it when I come and play peekaboo with her behind her legs. She is such a goofball!

Furthermore, the little munchkin has taken quite the liking to her daddy these days. She is finally beginning to express affection and will even give hugs, kisses, and cuddles! We are overwhelmed with joy. Haha!

Adrianne never was one to care much for the gushy stuff. But she is finally starting to find the value in it. She particularly loves giving me kisses on the cheek, for whatever reason. Maybe my breath stinks.

It's funny though. I can unfortunately tell when she's just giving affection in the form of bribery. Little stinker.

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