Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dear Rowan 2/26/12

I want to remember you tiny and cuddly, especially in this teddy bear snowsuit everyone adores. It's not even two months yet and you've already gotten so much bigger! Everyone says how much your cheeks are filling in so nicely. You really are plumping up, it's so great. You were so skinny when you were born! But already I miss how teeny tiny you were. You're already a baby, no longer a newborn infant.

I can see it in your hands and feet. No more wrinkles or peeling skin on your toes. Your hands are getting chubby and dimply. They don't seem so fragile as they did only a few weeks ago.

Your face is maturing and even your eyes are becoming slightly chocolatey. Your infant cry has developed into a slightly louder baby cry. You had such a raspy cry when you were first born. I hate to say that I loved your cry but it was so different than any cry I'd ever heard. It made me realize how different you were than Adrianne, somehow. It was like I could hear your personality in it.

However, with every milestone that fades into the past, new milestones are there to bring us more joy. You are starting to smile now. This morning when we just woke up and you were laying in bed with us, you were just so happy. You looked back and forth between me and your Daddy and just smiled at us. You were so alert and observant. Whenever either of us would make a sound, you would turn towards the noise. It was amazing!

Oh, I just want to remember everything. I love every second of you.

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