Sunday, February 19, 2012

I can see clearly now!

After 10 or so years of stubborn eyelids, I have finally managed to put a pair of contacts in. Hooray! I realized I've never really actually been able to see my face clearly before (except in photos). And you know, I think I really like wearing contacts. It was a nightmare trying to get my eyes to cooperate but I did it!

I was determined. My goal was to not have to wear glasses for my wedding. And I succeeded! Now I can get all prettied up for the big day without having to worry about glares in my wedding photos. Haha...

Anyhow...In other news, our little cousin, Victoria, is turning THREE years old! I can't believe how fast time flies... We celebrated with her yesterday at her birthday party. She is just too adorable! (I'm stealing photos from my family members for this post because despite all efforts I still managed to forget to bring my camera to the party...)

Adrianne's hair was in pigtails, too! I've been waiting to give her pigtails for so long! It was funny actually, when I first gave her pigtails the other day I brought her over to the mirror so she could see and she just smiled, her jaw dropped and she went, "*gasp* Twooooo....." My little genius!
And here is my mom with Rowan. Even though Adrianne is going through an anti-social streak these days, at least we've got this little guy for cuddles! He was being particularly alert for almost the whole party. So many babies! And they are all growing up so fast!

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