Friday, February 17, 2012

Ramblings and Things

I finally snagged a picture of my lovely bunch of morning coconuts today! In all of their bed head and jammies glory! It reminded me that I need to shoot the four of us together sometime soon. I've just been so crazy busy with things lately that every time I think of it, I realize it's too late to do a photo shoot or anything resembling one.

Rowan had his first real bath tonight and we all expected him to scream his little head off, but he absolutely loved it! From the moment he got in that nice warm water, it was like he was in awe. It must have felt so good! You could tell he needed it too, because the water was actually pretty dirty (for a baby) when he got out of it. He has the cutest head of fluffy, fuzzy hair when it's washed. That I will definitely get a picture of soon.

After his bath, Rowan was just so content. He was awake for quite a while and just laying peacefully in his Daddy's arms. I can tell he really loves his dad already. He is always drawn to him when they're in the same room. Even though he gives his dad a hard time in the mornings (when I kick them both out of the bedroom so I can catch my beauty sleep) I can tell he is going to really admire him.

Some exciting things to come on the Better Nester: I plan on starting a recipes section for the blog, because I have a few staples that I think a lot of moms with no time or cooking talent would appreciate knowing about. I also have a few projects in waiting that I will make some nice tutorials out of. And finally, we have a birthday party to go to tomorrow, so hopefully that will mean some fun photos! (That is assuming I don't forget my camera again...)

So be sure to subscribe if you haven't already!

Anyhow, that's enough of my rambling, I've got some recipe and tutorial work to do for you all!

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  1. Oh what a great picture of all. Thank you Alicia! Mom O


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