Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear Adrianne 2/16/12

I love how you favor the Prince over the Princess in your castle toy set. You like to seat him at the little table all by himself and then you wait on him with your kitchen toys and felt food and feed him and make him drink his tea.

It's so amazing watching you develop your preferences and likes and dislikes! You have a few Youtube videos that you will not let us stop watching.

First off, we have "meowstep."

You love this song, for whatever reason! You sing "meow" along to it and you always have to point out the potty in the video. Always.

Then, there's the wolves.

I don't know why but the sound of the wolves calms you down. Sometimes you make me play this audio over and over and over for hours while you sit quietly coloring at your craft table.

Finally, your new favorite song:

You refer to this song as the "poop" song because in the first couple of seconds there is a field of flowers with cow poop falling in the corner of the screen. But I just adore the way you stare mesmerized at the screen while you watch this music video and dance your cute little toddler dance.

You have weird tastes, baby girl. But I love that about you!

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