Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Is In The Air...

...or at least it would have been if I hadn't hopped out of bed and into the pediatrician's office with an inconsolable infant in my arms for Rowan's one month well visit only to return home to my hubby dashing out the door to work extra hours he couldn't get out of. Oh well! We just decided we would celebrate a Valentine's "Week" together this year, whenever we could squeeze each other in our busy schedules. Haha! I make it sound like we never see each other...It's not actually that bad!

Anyways, since my hubby was amazing enough to buy me a gorgeous piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day, I managed to scrape this little thing together.

It's just a little framed "I love you because..." thing, which has been going crazy on Pinterest lately. I am totally into dry erase markers on frames now as well. So now we can squeeze in a little love whenever we think of it! It's a super lame gift in comparison to the one I received. But since my hubby told me that Valentine's Day seems to him like a woman's holiday where the man ought to just pamper his girl, I figured I wouldn't argue. =)

Yeah, that might be the necklace I got for Valentine's Day........ =) Hehe! Oh, but I encourage you to check out Lunarieen's jewelry shop. Her work is absolutely breath taking and I aspire to create pendants as beautiful as her's someday.

As for this little goof ball, it just seems like Adrianne has been maturing like crazy lately! I can't keep up with her! (And why does it seem like every photo I take of her is post messy meal time?) She knows how to put her sunglasses on by herself now. And she says so many new words each day, while also improving so much the way she says old words as well.

She has also discovered the concept of privacy. She kicks me out of the bathroom and makes me close the door every time she has to go potty now!

Another thing, I swear she is a baby whisperer. She always knows exactly what Rowan needs. If I ever can't figure him out I can bet you I could ask her and she would guide me true! She will either tell me he is hungry, poopy, needs a binky, and just yesterday she told me he was just fussing because he had gas! I asked her what she thought Rowan needed and she replied that he needed to "toot." Haha! I can't believe her! And I think she was right.

Speaking of Rowan, he weighed 11 pounds today and measured 22.75 inches! Wow! He's growing way faster than Adrianne did! Sure is plumping up nicely, too.

What a little angel he is...I still can't help but think that, even after all the fuss he makes.

And he's so strong. He is already lifting his head like a pro. I still think he just got offended when I was like five months pregnant and remarked that he didn't seem as strong of a kicker as Adrianne was. Ever since I made that comment, he started working out like crazy. Boys will be boys, I suppose!

Well, I hope everyone has had a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. Love your little girl's glasses :)

    1. Haha, thanks, one of my better purchases. She loves them!

  2. I am loving the dry erase thing as well! As cute as the chalkboard stuff looks....I really hate using chalk!! lol

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

    1. So do I! I always manage to make a mess with it somehow haha

  3. Alicia, your kiddos are simply adorable. Rowan is just so delicious!


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