Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dear Adrianne 2/26/12

Adrianne, Adrianne, Adrianne... It's been some sort of week with you, young lady! As with many other stages you've gone through, you are hitting your terrible twos a bit early.

The tantrums are one thing. The deliberate attempts to disobey your parents are another. But you know what, it doesn't even truly upset me. Even if I act strict, like I'm mad, I'm not really angry with you. I hope you will understand that when this phase passes. The thing is, I know it just means that you are growing up, like every other toddler does. Maybe it even shows how smart you are because you are developing this new sense of independence so early. It really impresses me, to be honest.

Speaking of what impresses spoke your first sentence today! We were having dinner at Nonna's house and you said "Nee-nee wan juice" as you were pointing to your cup! We were floored!

So many things you do are just amazing. I love how you sit at your table now, coloring and narrating to me what you are drawing. Mostly you draw Papa or Ro-Ro. I am always watching you in wonder. It's even more amazing to think of how young you are, and how much more growing you've still got to do! I think you will do great things in this world, baby girl. And I am already so proud of you.

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