Monday, February 6, 2012

Breath Of Fresh Air

I love those random warm days in the dead of winter where the sun is shining, not a cloud in sight, it's like 40 something degrees out and the air smells like life again.

Today was one of those days. We went for a nice long walk around the town. Adrianne passed out in her stroller and Rowan was passed out in my baby carrier. And the hubby and I just talked and laughed and enjoyed the beautiful breezes.

I think the sunlight and fresh air really did me some good because I felt so rejuvenated after a horribly sluggish morning. Rowan had another tough night for use last night. (We're hoping for a nice and calm night tonight in contrast.)

Anyways, when we got home, we carried Adrianne up to bed so she could nap fully and then just relaxed before the hubby had to go to work. Spunky little Adrianne was obviously rejuvenated by the fresh air as well. She was full of energy (not that she ever isn't...) The picture here is her version of dressing herself. Doesn't she look so proud? Haha, I was if she wasn't, at least.

She also helped me tackle the monstrous pile of laundry that needed to be folded. Or at least she thought she helped, which is all that matters. Yet again, she was so proud of herself! As I sorted the laundry into smaller piles based on whose clothes were whose, throwing clothes into all corners of the room, she would walk around and pick up random articles and throw them randomly too. Then she would "fold" Daddy's clothes and stuff them in his drawers.

Eventually, I learned that I could fold his socks and have her put them away for me after each pair. That actually was helpful! She also started shaking all the clothes she could get her little hands on violently after seeing me try to shake the wrinkles out of the hubby's jeans. She is so cute!

Of course, Rowan helped too. Adrianne made sure he watched over the underwear very carefully (with his eyes closed), I discovered after finding a pile of them next to his head.

I love that I can be somewhat productive around the house again. Doing chores while Adrianne is awake is my new technique, since she loves helping out so much. I'll do the dishes and put bubbles in Adrianne's sink in her mini kitchen and she will very peacefully wash her own dishes along with me. She even babysat Rowan while I vacuumed. She got very protective over him when I told her I had to vacuum real quick! I love that she loves him so much!

Later at night, I was sitting with her on the couch, holding Rowan, and she just took him out of my arms and held him so proper you would have thought she herself was a mommy! She had her arm under his neck, holding his head up and she just cradled him so sweetly. Then she rocked him on her lap (obviously I was right there with a safety grip on them) and gave him kisses on his forehead and nuzzled him a little.

Now, usually when she is done with holding Rowan she just sort of pushes him back to me. I thought she was doing that because she started almost trying to lift him. So I went to take him but she said "no." She was just trying to sit him up! She sat him up on her lap and started patting him back to burp him!!

Then she cradled him in her arms again and kissed him some more, patted his shoulder and shushed him when he started grumbling about being moved around. She gave him his binky and a couple more kisses and then she handed him over to me. I was...stunned to say the least. It was one of the most blissful moments a mommy could ever have.

It's the things like that that make me totally okay with the fact that I can never get to the things that I want to get done, like making my Etsy patterns, sewing, crafting, whatever. It just doesn't matter as much.

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