Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rough Day

We had our first three shots done yesterday... =( Ro-Ro did pretty good in the doctor's office, he only cried for a few seconds. But boy did we have a rough day after that. His poor little legs were so sore that every time he moved them he would burst out crying. He even looked sad when he slept! See in the picture?

The only thing that would soothe him was being held him up against my chest as I walked with him. So I did. All day long.

It's so heartbreaking when they have to get their vaccinations, but what can you do? Imagine the guilt if they came down with something that could have been prevented... The most heartbreaking thing was when Rowan would just look up at me and give the sweetest, gummy smile, despite all he'd been through. What a trooper! I remember Adrianne doing the same thing.

Both Rowan and Adrianne reacted similarly to the shots the first time. It wouldn't have been so bad if their legs didn't get so sore. Adrianne would cry every time her legs were touched when she got her first shots. At least they didn't get fevers, though! Just swollen, sore legs.

The nurse said that it would probably be harder on me than it would for him. I don't know about that, but it was a rough day admittedly. There is nothing easy about hearing a baby cry and being powerless to help him. Not only that, but I was also over heating due to the fact that I was constantly moving all day and it's been really warm out lately but unfortunately we haven't gotten around to putting the screens back in the windows. It got over 75 degrees in here!

Some nice, cool strawberry lemonade done right sure did help. Through it all, I tried to keep in mind something my mom always taught me: that you gotta take care of yourself in order to take good care of others! One of the best learned lessons out there. =)

Anyways, we're over the hump now. Just two more months til we get to go through the same exact thing.


  1. Aw poor little guy :/

    I agree; I hate it when they have to get shots because they are all unaware and then the shots come & then you feel helpless. Plus, as they get older you have to help hold them down which makes me feel just terrible.

    Hope he's all better today :)

    1. Thanks! He's doing much better now. Isn't parenthood just full of conflicting emotions? =) Hope you have a great day!

  2. Next time he gets any shots, have the nurse hold him on the table and you step just slightly away. When she is done, she steps aside and Mommy swoops in, picks him up and is the hero of the day! He sees the nurse as the bad guy and Mom is still his hero! This will also work for Adrianne! You are right, they need them but you always feel bad when they get them!

    1. That's a good point, I think that may be why Adrianne cried for sooo long when she got her first shots. I had to hold her close to me and I think it may have confused her!


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