Thursday, March 15, 2012

He's All Smiles

Look who's feeling better! Yep, Rowan's back to his goofy, smiley self. He's a charmer, this one.

I love it. He is so happy and smiley that it's easy to get cute smile pictures of him. He is just smiling all day long. Be still my heart!

And he's always sticking that tongue out =P Gotta love that double chin as well!

In other news... Just in case you want to be weird-ed out, here is a picture of something funny that I found today:

Haha, Adrianne leaves around the cutest surprises! I caught her earlier walking around the house and saying "num num num num..." I suspiciously asked her, "Adrianne, where did your banana go?" And she just laughed and shouted "num num num!" as she ran pointing to her baby. She is hysterical! more cute picture of Rowan.


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