Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anticipating Paradise

I don't think there can be any question as to why I am looking forward to this summer. A honeymoon in tropical paradise Hawaii? Need I say more? I've been so ridiculously busy lately that I think a vacation at the end of the semester is definitely in order. Oh my gosh...just the word...vacation...


The wedding plans are going fairly well though, as stressed out as I am. Things are finally falling into place. I'm getting my dress fitted in a couple of weeks, so wish me luck! We think we may have a cake and officiant and DJ booked. And look what I got:

Time for me to get cracking on these bad boys, DIY style! These kits are pretty nice, I've already delved into the box and you get to put everything together yourself, so it still feels like I'm doing it all on my own, except all the bits and pieces have all been collected up for me. I'm just dreading the invitation on which I run out of printer ink. I've really got to get these mailed out...

Well, that's what I've been up to these plans, wedding plans, wedding plans! Oh and of course lots of essays for school, a sick toddler with the flu, a newborn who doesn't like to sleep, and learning some computer stuff on the side among other things!

I feel kind of lame that I haven't done any crafting in a while. I have so many projects lined up, but I just can never find the time! I'm going to try and make a couple of wreaths next, I think. My door is looking kind of bare and the only wreaths I own are a Christmas wreath and a Halloween wreath. I know there are lots of wreaths floating around on Pinterest and I could use a little inspiration. Anyone have a favorite wreath they would like to share?

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