Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pin Fix {v.4}

I haven't shared my Pins with you guys in a while, so I figured I'd do so now. I have a lot of cool finds I want to share with you!

First up is this tutorial series from an awesome blog, Diary of A Quilter. I have always kind of avoided quilting as a hobby, but I know it is inevitable that I will someday try it and probably become just as obsessed as every other quilter out there! So this is where I will start! pie is one of my most favorite things of all time... Baking pies? Not. So why have I not thought of this?! Apple pie without the pie pan! I am definitely doing this sometime. Watch out, waistline. Here comes dessert.

I also stumbled upon this awesome post with tons of ideas on little projects to make with all those fabric scraps you have left over from all those big projects. So helpful and inspiring!

These cute little bookends are from Pottery Barn Kids. $30. But I didn't pin these because I plan on buying them...(Sorry, PB...) I pinned them because I now plan on making my own adorable bookends!! We'll see how that goes. Hopefully it will get added to my list of awesome tutorials. ;)

This is an awesome day by day guide to growing wheat grass in a cute little box like this one. This is something I've seen in like 10 different home decorating books, and I always thought it looked so modern and even sophisticated almost. Now I know the secret: it's totally easy to do!

These little PBJ sushi rolls are so cute!! I'd like to someday have sushi regularly in my household. But just in case that's not cool with the little ones, at least I know peanut butter is! Definitely gotta make these.

Well, that was sort of a very green post, based on the colors in the pictures. So let's pretend I did that on purpose and call it a St. Patty's Day Pin Fix! Happy pinning, everyone!


  1. I love Pinterest too! Those owls are daughter would love them!!

    1. I know! And owls are one of my daughter's favorite animals. That's why I'm totally going to give them a try!

  2. We do the PB&J "Sushi" at least once a week here. My son loves it (so do I!!!)

    1. Really? That's good to know! I'm all the more convinced I NEED to make them now! :)


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