Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Printable Friday!

I'm going to try and make it a point to hand out a free printable for everyone weekly. How exciting! It will help me to stay on my creative toes, and it will help you because free things are always awesome! We'll see how long I can keep it up. Hopefully, a very long time!

This week, I have something that I have always needed very desperately in my kitchen. I find myself constantly scrambling to the computer while I'm cooking to look up quick measurement conversions. So I did myself (and you) a favor and made up this cute little printable chart to hang right up on my fridge!

You can either download the JPEG file or a PDF version (easiest for printing, in my opinion).


Click for full size, right click, 'save image as' to download.
The PDF:

Download Now!


  1. Fantastic idea! Pinning this one for a printing reminder!


  2. You are an angel Alicia. After 36 years of cooking I no longer need this but I sure could have used it years ago. Very useful.

  3. And I chose you for a Liebster Award! Read about it here:



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