Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis The Season!

Packages have been arriving for the very few things that I decided not to make on my own this holiday season, providing days worth of fun for Adrianne. As you can see, she has learned of the joys of playing in a box full of Styrofoam popcorn and has given me ample free time to get a bit of gift wrapping and even more sewing done!

It's so nice to be able to sit on the floor with her, laughing and playing, while also feeling like I'm getting a lot of productive things done simultaneously. Although, I have found lately that there are actually a great number of things I can do for myself while also sitting and interacting with her in a way that keeps her happy. No need to stress out over the fact that nap time is the only time I can get things done! I can easily hand-sew stuffed animals or wrap presents while building block towers. Everyone wins!

She never ceases to amaze me with how intelligent she is. She is already so witty and so funny! Some of the words she has been saying, starting just this past week, are:

"Bah" - pretty much anything that starts with "B" comes out as "bah." For instance, "bed," "ball," "block," "BOO!"

"Cah" - this one she uses to say "car." If she hears or sees a car, she says "cah" and this includes tractors and her little toy car that she still only knows how to go backwards on.

"Ca-ca" - I have always referred to gross/dirty things as "ca-ca" to Adrianne to discourage her from touching them or eating them or whatever. Now she knows how to say it too! She will find thread on the floor from my sewing, or maybe an old sticker, and hand it to me, saying "ca-ca!" What a smarty pants! She also calls my belly button "ca-ca" for whatever reason.... Maybe because it's popping out due to my extreme pregnant-ness.

"Bish" - This is the sound that comes out for things like "push" and "buzz." She knows that bees go "bish bish" and she knows that in order to get the caps on her markers she has to "bish." It does sort of come out more like "poosh" sometimes when she is saying "push."

"Moooo" - Adrianne has gotten very good at saying "mooo" with the "ooh" sound instead of the usual "ah" sound that most of her words have. Whenever she sees a cow she says "moooo!"

"Balig" - This is one of her more common words that she uses for more complex sounds, like "please." She has sort of a mix between "p" and "b" at the moment and the only real sound combos she can do are b/p and the l sound. She has been working very hard on saying "please" because I have been trying to teach her that in order to ask for something nicely, she should use the word "please." Always the over-achiever, she has actually almost accomplished this.

"Jeesh" - This word covers a vast array of things including: cheese, juice, shoes, cheerios, cereal, Jesus, etc. This one has been in her vocabulary for quite a while now.

"Ba-ba/Pa-pa" - Like I said, Adrianne sort of has a pass between b and p sounds right now, so when she says "Papa" it sometimes sounds more like "baba" but then again, sometimes its hard to say which one it sounds more like. She has pretty much mastered "papa" and is now working on the more daunting task of pronouncing "grandma."

"Galickalickalickalicka" - This is how Adrianne tries to pronounce "stickers" and "cookies." Again, the over achiever trying to say two syllable words, Adrianne has at least figured out how to move her tongue in such a way as to get the "ck" sound following vowel-ish sound. This is my favorite, and I hope to catch it on video before she learns how to actually say "sticker."

Well, if you read through all of that, I hope you enjoyed! It's probably all for my own sake, ten years down the line, like many things I write about are!

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