Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pin Fix {v.1}

Yes, it's true. I am addicted...to Pinterest...

Every day I have to get my fix. And because I am such an enabler, I will share some of my pins with you!

Here's some of the stuff I've been oggling lately:

I found these awesome felt play food patterns while I was looking around for inspiration. I am getting Adrianne a play kitchen for Christmas, so I wanted to maybe make her some safe, adorable play food to go along with it.

This awesome printable to-do list was found while I was looking around for some idea of what a to-do list is even supposed to look like so that I could make one on my own. But still, this one is free and really cute so if you want it, go and get it!

Oh yeah, and the reason I want to make a to-do list is so I can organize my "office" area somewhat like this! It won't be this big, since I don't have the room, but I like the idea of a control center hanging next to my computer.

Speaking of which, this kitchen command center is amazing! I am so going to do this one too! Someday...

But if a whole command center isn't your thing, here is a really cute menu planner to inspire you. Yay organization!

And speaking of menus...I woke up today with the craziest doughnut craving! Luckily, it was grocery shopping day for us this week so I was able to get my hands on a yummy cinnamon swirl doughnut. But for the days when I can't get doughnuts at the store, I came across this pin of a BAKED doughnut recipe!!! Rejoice!

Maybe having baked doughnuts rather than fried will help me to fit into clothes like these after I give birth, too. This dress is from http://www.wholesaleclothing4u.com/ and the clothes on this site are so cheap, it's almost scary...I can't really figure out the catch...Maybe there isn't one? EDIT: Looks like the catch is that most things only come in one size: small Asian woman.

Finally, if you're looking for (still cheap) fashion in the way of scarves, this site has been plaguing Pinterest like crazy lately. These totally cute scarves are super fast and easy to make, NO-SEW, and all you need are some old, baggy T-shirts! I'm making a couple of these for Christmas gifts this year.

Well, happy pinning! Hope this was enjoyable to read and go through, cause I'm so addicted to Pinterest that I'm going to keep it up with these Pin Fix posts every now and then. Probably about once a week. Til then!


  1. It's probably too close to Christmas now, but there are some adorable DIY kitchens on Pinterest too!

  2. I know! I have seen that last one actually. They are so sweet, I just wish I had the time and resources to do one myself! Thanks, Carson!


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