Saturday, December 3, 2011


Our poor little baby has been sick today...She was feeling a little off last night, but she woke with a fever of 100.4 this morning. As much as it made me sad, I must confess I couldn't mind the way she just wanted to snuggle me all day long and even fell asleep in her daddy's and my arms a few times.

Luckily, a visit from her Grammy cheered her up immensely! I don't think her Grammy saw it that way, but if only she'd seen the state Adrianne had been in all day long until she arrived...

I can only say that I suppose we are very lucky that this has been one of the only times she has ever gotten sick, though. She really does have an amazing immune system! And she hasn't really been that bad today, just very clingy. She also was very resistant to eating and drinking. I managed to get her to drink quite a bit of watered down apple juice, though. I think the most she ate in one sitting was half a banana. (I am happy she is finally starting to like bananas.) But I was most concerned with getting her enough fluids.

She seemed much better by the end of the night. Her temperature was down and her Grammy had gotten her laughing and smiling! Let's hope tomorrow she is feeling much better.

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