Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pin Fix {v.2}

I've been kind of obsessing over a few themes lately. Here are some of my recent pins!

I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the dumb wreaths you see a lot of on Pinterest. But in an effort to find inspiration for a wreath type that I would like to hang on my door during the non-holiday season, I stumbled upon this beautiful DIY!

I've also kind of been obsessed with felt lately. "Kind of" might be a major understatement! It's just so cute, versatile and easy to work with! This pretty little thing has inspired me to go for beautiful with my leftover felt, and not just cute. I would love to specialize in felt for my Etsy shop. I feel like I could share some wonderful things with the world that way!

Speaking of felt, this pillow is simple and elegant and totally my style! I could so make this, and I think I'm going to try!

I also want to try and remember this little gem. I was trying to figure out a unique and sightly way I could maybe hang a bunch of hand print ornaments to show the progression of growth for Adrianne (and soon Rowan) each year. But those clay things are kind bulky and cliche. This stool idea is really great though! Hooray for inspiration!

Speaking of the little ones, I also fell hard and fast for this adorable tooth fairy note. I have been thinking a lot lately about how to handle the mythological beings issue, since Santa Claus is on the brain these days. Initially, before Adrianne was born, I was of the mindset that I absolutely did NOT want to do the Santa thing and do that whole traumatizing lie that hurts to find out the truth about. But I think there must be a way to incorporate the archetypes in a way that isn't a lie, but still allows for wonderful, magical imagination. I'm sure it'll be something to just feel out when the time comes.

Last but not least, I've been all about T-Shirt re-purposing lately. That's when I discovered this little beauty of a DIY. I think I've got to try it! Well, someday at least...

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