Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rainy Days Don't Stop Us

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain and one of the world's largest trucks just making noise outside my window. But you know what, I just got up and enjoyed a nice peaceful breakfast while my other halves slept in and it turned out to be a good, productive morning.

It's hard to capture a picture of it, but I just love it when the clouds are dark and stormy in the background and yet there is a little glimmer of bright, warm, sun rays shining down on the tops of the trees.

Anyways, Adrianne and I went to story time at the library, then downstairs to the gym for toddler play time.

 At first, she would not get out of this little blue car, even though she couldn't even reach the floor with her feet to move it! I pushed her around the gym in it for a little while but she was actually pretty content just to sit in it and play with the little knobs and wheel inside. She also liked to open and close the doors repeatedly.

Eventually she moved on to her other favorite, the slide. She couldn't climb up by herself and of course she doesn't know how to use the ladder yet (and I don't really want her to). So it was mommy who had to lift her up to the top and catch her at the bottom!

Eventually the slide reminded her of how totally awesome the playhouse is. It has a door! Infinite possibilities. A little boy showed her the hilariousness of slamming the door to make a loud BANG!

It wasn't long before she discovered the magic of crawling back and forth through the tunnel. I think she learned about the fun of this one at the zoo last week, where she got to crawl through a tunnel to get a peek view of the cougar's home! She was amused for quite a while to just crawl into this tunnel then turn right around and crawl back.

But, alas! All good things must come to an end! Adrianne left the playhouse, in search for greener pastures.

Another little boy showed Adrianne the joys of tossing a tennis ball and running after it repeatedly. She loved this! I just adore the way she shivers with excitement whenever something is amusing to her. And the way she will just shout out a short, harsh giggle. Like, "aHAHah!" Then she'll stomp her feet or clap her hands. She is so adorable!

Of course, running around in a gym couldn't last forever! We packed up into the stroller and went home, just missing some of the rain, and it wasn't long before Adrianne rested her head on my lap, obviously tired. I asked her, "Are you tired? Do you want to go lay in your crib and take a nap?" To which she replied very affirmatively with her cute little laugh of a yes and stomping her feet, bouncing for joy. So I put her down in her crib and, well...two hours later she was sound asleep, like a little angel. For whatever reason she wouldn't sleep for the longest time, she was just too happy to be back in her bed, I suppose!

Finally, mommy snack time! I don't know why (must be the pregnancy cravings) but I have had an apple with peanut butter every single day for the past few weeks and still I am always disappointed to have the last slice. I've got Gala apples, they are just sooo yummy! Mmm...

Nothing else really, for the rest of the day. It was too rainy to go outside and play and too dark to try and take pictures inside! We played, watched some Blue's Clues, had pasta for dinner. It was a nice night. Adrianne was amused by her penny collection for quite some time. We also watched a little bit of the movie Babies. I thought Adrianne would enjoy it, since she is so excited for her baby brother to come. She squeals in delight anytime she sees a baby!

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