Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Organization Tip: Storage Caddy

Well, I've been blessed with a tiny bathroom lacking both storage space and a medicine cabinet. All I've got is cramped leg room and a flush mounted wall mirror. So naturally I ran into some problems with bathroom organization. It seemed like no matter what I did, the bathroom always transformed into a chaotic mess of toiletries by the end of every day. Seriously, it was like we had a daily tornado running through the place.

I had to think fast. I needed something small and compact that could hold all of the junk that just didn't seem to belong in the under-the-sink cabinet. Some things you just need out and on hand. Well, for these things I made a remarkable discovery.

Shower caddies, sold in pretty much any retail store's home section, are exactly what I was looking for. They are small and compact and can hold a lot of stuff right out in the open where I need them.

Hmm...But I didn't need my caddy in the shower. The solution? A wall hook!

So with the power of these two things combined, I managed to transform THIS:

into THIS:

Here was my outcome, close up:

The reason I love my silly little shower caddy shelving unit is because it is temporary and repurpose-able. I don't intend to be living in this tiny apartment forever. So when I leave, I can take my "investment" with me. Also, as far as DIY home improvement projects go, this was cake. So here was an easy fix to my bathroom chaos conundrum. I'm sure you could use this in any other room of your house too, but I think the shower caddy fits best in the bathroom. Go ahead and splurge on some real shelves for your living room if you need them!

Well, happy organizing!

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