Monday, October 17, 2011

Naked Face Challenge

I stumbled upon this challenge by Delirious Rhapsody to take an unedited photo of your naked face and decided I should give it a go.

Most days I am too lazy to do any sort of pampering for my face, so I figured why not? People see it all the time anyways! Naturally, the rules of the game are one shot only and once I took the picture I thought, hmmm maybe I shouldn't... Hahaha! But I think the point is to stop feeling self conscious about your natural beauty and start appreciating it for what it is!

So here it is, my naked face:

I even took my glasses off for this one so you could see those dark circles under my eyes. 

Anyways, I encourage all women to take this challenge and figure out a way to look at your naked face without thinking you need to cover it up with all kinds of makeup!

If you want to take the challenge, click here:


  1. you look gorgeous, mama! thanks for participating, and i hope you've been an inspiration to others to just love ourselves as we are! :)

  2. Hey thanks to you for starting the challenge!

  3. You are beautiful! Mom


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