Thursday, October 27, 2011

Potty Training: Day 3

So I've toned it down a little with the over-praising. Now, when Adrianne has a success on the potty I just tell her "You did it!" And show her what she did. Then I give her a sticker to put in her book and let her flush her deed down the toilet herself (which she loves doing).

We still use the bath tub to go potty, which is totally fine by me. Just as long as she doesn't have to suffer, holding it in. She can use the bath tub as long as she wants.

I just stick the whole potty chair right in there and then turn on the warm water. With a big cup, I pour the water over her feet and ankles. At first she is a little shaky and nervous, but you can tell immediately when she has let it go because she relaxes and gets very calm.

The first night, she sat on the potty in the bath for a minute or more before she relaxed and went potty. I am proud to say that tonight she is able to sit down on the potty and go just as soon as the water hits her toes.

I think she will be able to go on the potty without the bathtub within the next day or so. (Let's hope, anyway!) By now, it's probably safe to say that it's too late to turn back now. Putting her back in diapers would only confuse her and give her mixed signals.

I am so proud of her for doing so well! She is such a big girl, and I so very badly want her to stay little. For the record, she started the whole potty training thing. She was the one who started telling me when her diaper was wet, when she had to go, etc. So I just began pre-training her, teaching her about the potty, about underwear, stuff like that.

I am definitely going to suggest this bath tub method for moms who have toddlers like me, afraid to release on the potty, when all this potty training business starts to calm down! In fact, after searching desperately online, unable to find any advice whatsoever on the matter, I am going to dedicate a whole post to children who are afraid to release on the potty. But that is later, for when I get my head back together after all of this.

Thanks for checking up on us!

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