Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Hurried Attempts

 I was so excited to start my photo blog that I snapped some quick pictures when Adrianne got up from her very late nap. So unfortunately I don't have picture documentation of the morning, which consisted of a nice and unexpected visit from Mike's brother, Nick, and their wonderful Dad. But here are some of my visual thoughts and memory snippets from this evening.

I loved the weather today, it was about 65 and sunny. I love the way the cool, fresh breeze can blow a curtain around. I think it's so nice to have such a comfortable temperature and to still have that gorgeous sunlight pouring in through the window.

This is Adrianne's rock and coin collection. All over my floor! It somehow ends up there more often than you'd like to know, but the great thing is I don't even have to mind because she loves picking it all up and starting over again.

The American Pediatric Society may say that absolutely no television is good for children under the age of two but I think Adrianne finds it to be a nice break from all the very strenuous learning and growing she does all day. Besides, she only watches two episodes a day. And her shows of choice are Blue's Clues and Baby Einstein, which I have found to be extremely educational. She interacts with the shows and can sit still and be very attentive during them.

Not to mention it just makes her so darn happy! She has a Blue's Clues dance when she wants to watch the show that she actually got the moves from the show itself. It's actually really impressive! And if her little dance doesn't get me to turn it on, she grabs my hand and writes in my "notebook" with her finger. The look of pure joy on her face when I boot up Netflix is one of the best things in the world.

She is on the edge of her seat, always. I love the way she plays with her little toes!

She also knows how to kick back and relax...

Why are her little feet so beautiful? I can't believe how many pictures I find myself taking of them.

TV time means Mommy gets a very short break time. I have found myself busy with an almost embarrassing amount of hobbies these days. I have been painting a lot, for example. But, wow, I think my art studio needs an upgrade. Check out the house plant on the left that I'm trying to let die so I can get rid of it. It's kind of sad, but our apartment just isn't suitable for plant keeping. Or maybe it's just me! Either way...I miss that plant, it did so well for a while. It's actually a plant I got as a gift when Adrianne was born that came in a cute little pink basket. I couldn't get myself to get rid of it, but it's a bit past it's prime...

Anyhow, here's my current painting. I'm a little over halfway done now, just working on the bulk of the flowerbeds in the foreground. When it's finished I'm going to hang it above my sink and pretend it's a window overlooking my garden since I don't currently have either a garden or a window in my kitchen...

I may have a lot of hobbies but at least I'm keeping up with my over-stuffed homework schedule. If you think that looks busy, you should see my appointments calendar...

Oh, yeah...and besides homework and hobbies and mommy-ing...check out this motherload. that laundry pile a little daunting? Oh come on, don't blame me, I'm a busy woman. We'll get back to this later, hehe.

At least I've managed to confine Adrianne's abundant toys to a relatively singular area. Hmm...I think we may be running out of room though!

Oh, what's that? "Mom! My show is done!" Huh, I guess it's time for dinner!

Ahh, nothing like a home cooked meal on a lazy Thursday evening... Hey, don't make fun. I happen to make the very best macaroni and cheese in the whole entire world.

There. See? Adrianne thinks so too. Right, Adrianne?

"Yes, Mommy. OM." She just so happened to finish her whole bowl of macaroni tonight! Not to mention the two whole bowls of oatmeal she had later on. I blame the hearty dose of sunshine and chasing Grandpa around the park in Lewiston this morning for her lovely appetite today!

Isn't she beautiful?

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