Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Commence Potty Training!

So I've decided to start potty training Adrianne. She has been telling me when she has to go potty and when she needs her diaper changed, so I've judged that she seems to be ready.

I went to the pharmacy nearby to grab some reward stickers and bought this little beauty to the left. Over 100 Hello Kitty stickers that say stuff like "Good Job!" Could it get any better? Yes it could, because this booklet was under 3 dollars! If you know me, you know my Adrianne's favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty.

The stickers will be awarded each time she successfully goes potty on the potty chair or toilet. She has a special page devoted to them in her potty book. My tutorial on how to make the potty training book can be found here.

And so far so good! She seems to just love her "Big-Girl Underwear" and was very interested to start wearing them. I've been telling her for a while now that we would be getting rid of the diapers soon and she seemed to enjoy that idea.

We are going with the cold turkey method, ditching the diapers for good, not even making the transition through training diapers. If she gets wet, she gets wet. Then we have to halt playtime to go change and have a sit down on the potty as a reminder of the right way to go potty for big girls.

I'll keep updating the blog of our potty progress! Wish us luck! I personally find myself very fortunate that I have a little girl so willing and ready for potty training at such a young age. It will make my life so much easier (and more frugal) when baby Rowan is born in January!

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