Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Days In The Park

 Fianlly, we had a day that was nice enough that we could go outside and play after the infamous two and a half hour long afternoon nap! Adrianne is getting to be such a big girl, she doesn't even want me to carry her or hold her hand all the time. She likes walking all by herself. So we went to the park and had a grand adventure!

 Everyone loves Adrianne's Cons! They look so adorable. It took me a few days to figure out how to even get them on her but now we are converse pros.

 Adrianne's favorite part of the park is the swing. She thinks it's so hilarious, especially when I tickle her legs!

We also checked out the pretty park garden. I caught Adrianne trying to smuggle the pumpkins home. And I took lots of pretty flower pictures!

At home, we had a nice relaxing dinner together. Mmmm, cheesy, buttery goodness! One of my quickest, easiest meals. Just some farfalle pasta and sweet peas slathered in butter with romano cheese. Yum!

And now for the rest of my nature shots!

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