Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home Organization Tip: Clay Pot Storage

I love glazed clay pots as storage receptacles!  Here I have my big kitchen cooking utensils all tucked neatly into a medium sized clay pot meant for plants. I happen to have one of the tiniest kitchens in the world and that means not a whole lot of cabinet and drawer space. So I had to innovate. There simply wasn't any room for my big, clunky utensils!

I tried a vase but it turned out it was too narrow and also too long. My utensils would slide all the way down to the bottom and wouldn't want to come out. It was a tight squeeze. 

I got this glazed pot at the Bargain Outlet for a few dollars! It's nice and wide and shallow, meaning the utensils fit nicely inside and come out easy too. Not only does it look nice and neat, but it sure is handy when I'm cooking to have all of my utensils out and ready for me!

These clay pots are very useful, not just for kitchen utensils, but for all kinds of organizing. And like I said, I got this one at the Bargain Outlet for only a few dollars! There are all kinds of places you could go looking for some of these little guys for cheap.

Here are a few more ideas for clay pot storage to inspire you:

Remote "Control." Get a little glazed clay pot that will match your family room colors and stick all those television remotes in them. I don't know about you but remotes have a knack for getting lost in my house. I still have one that has yet to be recovered. A little clay pot can make your remotes look like part of the decor, while also keeping them contained and always at hand.

Desk Tidiness. Stick all those pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes, whatever else you want inside a small clay pot. Again, it looks pretty and keeps it neat!

Kindlewood Container. Make a decorative display out of all those twigs you're hoarding for winter fires. Stick 'em in a large glazed clay pot!

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  1. Boy, I do like that clay pot.


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