Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve

Happy New Year to all! I sincerely hope that this year goes well for everyone and that 2011 treated you all well!

I spent my New Year's at my mother's house with Michael, Adrianne and my mom and brothers. We watched Thor, which was surprisingly not too bad, and then watched the ball drop in NYC with a champagne-like substance consisting of Sprite and Mott's For Tots Apple Juice. High class!!

Adrianne didn't make it until midnight obviously, but she always loves going to her Grammy's house! Shame on me for hardly taking any pictures for myself these days. But my mom did get a few good ones here on her handy dandy iPhone. So that is what I'm sharing here.

So, as far as New Year's Resolutions go, I don't usually make that kind of commitment. This year I am trying something new, and by "I" I mean the whole household.

We are going on a 31 day media fast for the month of January, just to see what it's like. That means no TV, no video games, no mindless web surfing. We are considering it sort of like a new beginning. It's a new year and we want to start with a clean slate, especially with the arrival of the new baby looming ever closer on the horizon. Hopefully we will come out of this month with a new found sense of tranquility, not feeling the need to switch the television on whenever things get quiet or anything like that.

What New Year's Resolutions have you made for 2012?

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