Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Ro-Ro

The other day, Adrianne started calling Rowan "Ro-Ro." It's so adorable! She is still so fascinated with him. I love watching her just waltz on over to him every once in a while throughout the day just so she can give him a sweet little kiss on the forehead.

There is so much about Rowan to love. The way he always winks at me or just gazes around sleepily with one eye closed is just too cute. Also, the way he will just sneeze eight times in a row is pretty funny too. Adrianne never sneezed as a newborn, she just had the hiccups 10 times a day. But Rowan never gets the hiccups. Just sneeze attacks!

I wish I had started this blog back when Adrianne was born, because then I would have frequent documentation of the things she did when she was teeny tiny. Some day soon I will inevitably make a flashback post about Baby Adrianne.

I can't believe how big she is! Seeing her next to Rowan now really puts things into perspective... I'm trying to soak it all in. I know Rowan will be that big before I can even catch my breath.

At least for now he is my cuddly little angel. Won't be long now before he is running away from my hugs and kisses, just like his big sister!

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