Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lots Going On These Days

I finally finished that painting for over my sink that I've been working on for months now. Actually I started it a few months ago...forgot about it...then pulled it out yesterday and finished it. Haha. I sort of rushed it yesterday because I just wanted to hang it up already. But I think it turned out okay.

In other news, Rowan slept like an angel last night! Well, compared to previous nights at least. He slept for about 3 hours at a time. I think he only woke up 3 times! He's a snuggly little muffin. Still a pain in the neck to feed though. But I figured out last night that if I pop a binky in his mouth to get him into suckling mode, then quickly pull it out and nurse him, that would get him to eat with much less of a fight than he usually makes...

Adrianne, however, woke up about 4 times last night because she "had to go to the bathroom." Hmmm...suspicious... She hasn't woken up at night in months (aside from the occasional night terror-like episodes). But, she is just going through phases right now, adjusting to sharing the stage. I'm sure this one too will pass. At least...I hope...

Furthermore, the hubby and I are officially registered for classes for the late spring semester, which will be beginning in March. I'm pretty nervous about the prospect of trying to get through school work while also chasing around a toddler while also attending to one fuss muffin of a baby. (Rowan isn't that fussy, by the way, I just make it sound that way because I was spoiled with a perfectly silent baby Adrianne.)

But where there is a will, there is a way! That is definitely my motto. In fact, it's probably annoying how much I say that. Whatever, I'm just an optimist! =)

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