Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Sister

I am so proud of Adrianne for being such an amazing big sister. Being a big sister is hard work! Little boys are a lot to look after! But Adrianne makes it look easy.

It's so sweet the way she gives Rowan kisses on his forehead. And it's unbelievable how careful and gentle with him she always is. She knows how to keep her distance. But she also loves to interact with him.

She gets a kick out of playing with his fingers. She also likes to point out to me that he has eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth just like she does. She's so smart!

I love the way she observes him with wonder. She always looks so fascinated with him. Why wouldn't she be? He's an interesting little dude!

It never ceases to amaze me how very much alike they are. He makes the same cute little squeaky noises in his sleep that she used to. He makes the same silly facial expressions. One of them happens to be this adorable little "chulip" face, as we like to call it. It means "smooch lips" essentially, in Japanese. Adrianne and Rowan have the same kissy mouth face that I've never really seen before, and yet they both have done it!

I can't wait to see them grow up together. They are already so loving towards one another. Rowan has a tendency to stare at Adrianne if he is ever awake and in the same room as her. I know that they will be a great pair of brother and sister.

Adrianne's "chulip"

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  1. These are such amazing pictures. She does look fascinated by him. I share your confidence they will be a great brother sister team.


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