Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 Weeks

Well, it's been 2 whole weeks now since Rowan was born. If he were to arrive just on time, he would have been born today. That's weird to think of!

The little guy is becoming a little bit more awake now. He stays up in the morning usually for a couple of hours. Maybe another couple stretches like that throughout the day. I was finally able to get a decent picture of his open eyes today! He has the same steely dark eyes that Adrianne had.

Rowan has been doing this slightly less than adorable thing at night...He likes to wake up...and stay up...every night as soon as his Daddy and I hit the sack. It would be totally fine if he was awake like he is in the day time: silent, angelic, gazing around contentedly. But instead he just likes to cry and grunt and make a fuss all night. I'm starting to wonder if he's afraid of the dark. Or maybe sleeping in his comfy bed with the lights all off is just a little too womb-like for him. Haha, he's probably thinking "Hey, I thought I opted out of this whole womb thing early for a reason?"

But try as I might, I just can't even be upset about it. I know it's probably just something I'm doing wrong that makes him so irritable at night. We'll figure out how to get this kid to sleep soon enough!

A few little quirks about Rowan so far:

  • He sneezes...a lot
  • He chokes on average twice per feeding (scary!)
  • His least favorite part of the diaper change is getting the new diaper on
  • He sometimes grunts randomly really loud in the middle of his sleep
  • He is a really loud eater like Adrianne was (one of the biggest reasons I prefer to nurse in private, haha!)
  • He is a good burper, yay! Adrianne never burped, ever. Boys will be boys, I suppose.
  • He sleeps with his fist against his head a LOT. So cute...
Like this...^

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